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Speaking not as the preacher, but as the father of two teen-age sons, I want to express my gratitude to Jonathan and Robbie for their leadership in our youth ministry. Each week, they both use the space in their bulletin columns talking about what everyone else is doing—who the parent volunteers are, what accomplishments the young people have made, what the upcoming events are, how thankful they are for everyone else. I want to tell you, Jonathan and Robbie, how thankful the rest of us are for both of you.
There are the “big events” that you both plan, like the 6th-8th grade retreat a couple of weekends ago, and the high school retreat this weekend. But there are also all of those little encounters with our children that we parents often don’t know about that are so important. You both role model Jesus to our kids in powerful ways and we don’t tell you enough how much we appreciate what you mean to them.
From your help in planning the teaching activities, to your honesty with us about what’s going on with our kids behind the scenes, to your successful integration of the social and spiritual dimensions of this ministry, to your willingness to “get in the mud” with a bunch of 12-14 year olds—with no shower in sight—you bless this church family and help our children to see God through you.
Any statement about you, Jonathan, would be incomplete without also talking about Barbara, Justin, Benjamin, and Bethany. Together you all prove this really is “family ministry.” Thank you, Barbara, for making Jonathan look so good! And thank you, Justin, Benjamin, and Bethany for sharing your mom and dad with so many other kids and for being such great travel companions in all of the activities!
We love you all very much!
John O. York

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