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Story Telling and Telling the Story

Story Telling and Telling the Story

There are great stories, and there are great storytellers. Some stories are made great by the way in which they are told. Others are great, no matter what the form is or who the speaker is. Some are better told in prose form; others as poetry. Some stories are historical and some are fiction. Sometimes the historical ones sound like fiction; sometimes the fiction is better than the facts. Many times, regardless of fact or fiction, we find ourselves drawn into the story because somehow the story seems to be about us.

This particular time of year is full of stories--some fact, some fiction. Some of the stories now come in movie form and we find ourselves drawn again and again to them. Some stories are of our own family heritage and must be passed along orally. We find ourselves longing to be with the storytellers, perhaps Grandpa or Uncle Jim or Aunt Mary, to hear the stories again.

There is, however, one story that supercedes all other stories; one storyteller superior in style and technique. The story is God's story. The creator of the universe is the author; the characters and time periods are ever-changing, although one character and one point in time stand above all other characters and times. The highlight of God's story is the episode about Jesus. That story alone makes us a special part of God's story and demands that we become storytellers as well as characters in the story. God calls us all, in every season of the year, to tell his story and share with others who we are in that story. It's not simply time for others to "Tell me the story of Jesus." Instead, let us say to others, "Let me tell you my story"--my place in THE STORY. No one tells your story better than you!
John O. York

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