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Coming Home

Coming Home

I must admit that there was great resignation along with our eagerness and anticipation as we drove the last few miles south from Kentucky and first saw the Batman building and the rest of downtown Nashville. Three weeks is a long time to be away, and we all were quite anxious to be back home in our own beds, back with those we love here, getting caught up on all that happened while we were away. But there was also the threat of all that needed to be done to catch up. Once youíre away, itís hard to get excited about the mail and bills and jobs that stacked up while you were gone.

The good news is that with my work here, so much is always handled as well or better in my absence than when Iím doing it myself! My thanks as always to Diane and the office staff for keeping me abreast of the action here each time I called in. I am indebted to Clarence, Mark, Jonathan, Bob Barnes, and Eddie Miller for so ably handling the preaching responsibilities. And we are grateful to all of you for your prayers for safety as we traveled.

We had a great trip! Anne is now a proud member of Jonathanís ďI almost drowned on a rafting tripĒ club; we have the pictures on that if youíre interested. We also have great memories of Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Colorado, and the people of York College and York, Nebraska. But after over 4800 miles in our van, itís good to be home! I look forward with great anticipation to being with you this Sunday, and joining with you again in Godís great adventure here at Brentwood Hills.

John O. York

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