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The Jewish scholar Abraham Heschel once said that the entire Old Testament could be summed up in one wordóRemember. Remember the Lord your God who called you out of Egypt. Remember the commandments. Remember the Sabbath. Remember you are his people.
It is the time of year when graduation for high school and college seniors always brings both exhilaration and insecurity, both excitement and fearófor students and parents alike. In the midst of trying to foresee the future and experience new freedoms and new responsibilities, it is a good time to remember. Not necessarily remember the glory days of athletics in high school or particular classes and teachers. Rather it is a time to remember all of those people and experiences that have shaped you to this point. Identity in the present is always based on the past. We can plan for our futures, but all of those plansóand even the instincts to make themócome from who we have been. More importantly, our present and our future rest upon what God has done and how he is continuing to pursue us.
Now is a good time for all of us to remember how God has acted in our lives to bring us to this point. As we project our future, let us remember that we serve a God who never calls us to do the humanly possible in his service, but the humanly impossible. It is easy to make choices based on what we ourselves want, what we think we might like, what we think we are good at. For you graduates, rather than choosing a career on the basis of how much money you will make, choose your career on the basis of God's story and how you can best be used by him. The Apostle Paul reminds us all that it is in weakness, when we discover our own inability, that God empowers us to do and be more than we ever imagined. May God help us all to remember who we are and whose we are as we continue our journey together.
John O. York

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