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Passion and Purpose

Passion and Purpose

For almost three years now, I have been asking myself and others the question, “What is God up to at Brentwood Hills?” It is a question I begin each day with, as I pray for our future together. With all that has transpired in my own life, in the life of so many in this body, in the growth and changes that have occurred, what does God see? What does he seek for us as worshippers—I don’t mean on Sunday mornings, but in our lives? With such blessings, I can only assume God has brought us to relationship with each other so that we can be his ministers to each other and to a lost world in greater ways than we have yet imagined. I am overwhelmed with awe and wonder when I think back on all that has happened in such a short time.
I also am very frightened. Afraid that somehow I will get in the way of his purposes, that I will not share his vision, that I will not have his heart for people, that I will not be passionate about the calling he has given us. It is so easy to think not about all that he has done, but all that somehow seems lost in the midst of the changes. Deep down there is always a longing for simpler, smaller, more controllable circumstances. “I liked it better when…..” We all have those legendized memories of the past that we wish we could hide in.
God, in his gracious pursuit of us, continually confronts us with challenging surprises that force us to look forward and upward. We can’t go back—time only marches forward. We can’t control our present or our future, we can only trust in Him. If he truly holds the future in his hands, then we must be about his business, seeking his will with great passion, believing his purposes will be fulfilled in us.
What’s God up to at Brentwood Hills? He’s calling people to himself who are being conformed to the image of his Son, who will share the heart and passion for people that Jesus had, bonded together by a common love and purpose. Please pray, fervently, that God’s purposes may be accomplished through us!
John O. York

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