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Seeking God in the Nineties

Seeking God in the Nineties

We visited for more than an hour, but I don’t even know her name. Maybe it was because of anonymity that the conversation went as well as it did. She is a busy lady, in airplanes and away from home two to five days a week. She talked as though she was very successful in her job as a computer systems consultant (assuming that success is measured by one’s rise in the company and the number of hours spent on the job).
She is married; her husband works in California six months out of the year (their home is in Austin, Texas). He is home for ten days, then in California for ten days. Between their two schedules they usually have every other weekend together, and some weekdays when she happens to be working in Austin instead of on the road herself. She made three interesting observations about her life. She and her husband both really love their jobs, she said, but she longed for just some quiet time to sit on the porch at home and do nothing. She would like to have children, but there was no time for that right now. More than once she said, “Money isn’t everything.”
As I waited for my next flight in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport and watched hundreds of people scurrying to their next flight, I wondered how many others are racing through life, too busy for family, saying that “money isn’t everything,” knowing that they need to slow down but somehow can’t, living in relationships that are not given enough time to be relationships that can endure. Then I heard the preacher’s voice in me ask, “Where or why would these people find time for God?” If this young lady (I would guess she is about 30) ever asked spiritual questions, would she have any interest in using her free time to go to a church? No wonder the pursuit of spirituality in our culture is getting farther and farther removed from organized religion.
Finding time for God—that whole notion is backwards, isn’t it? We, who have time at all only because the Creator graciously allows us to exist, can’t find the time and often don’t feel any need to be with God or his people. It suddenly dawns on me that before I pass many more judgments on the young lady’s life, perhaps I have some lumber business to attend to in my own….. (Matthew 7:1-5).

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