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The Jesus Proposal

By Rubel Shelly and John O. York

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Jesus Proposal 150pxThe Jesus Proposal, like a growing number of books, finds highly important points of contact with postmodernity without compromising the essence of the gospel. Rubel Shelly and John O. York present a compelling case for the church united in Christ and for an evangelism that follows the process of growth and maturation. I highly recommend the thesis and spirit of this work to the church at large.

—Robert Webber, author of Ancient-Future Faith,
Northern Seminary, Lombard, IL


It is a rare occasion when a book can deal so specifically with the concerns of a particular Christian communion, and yet have such general application to the church at large. . . . what I see in The Jesus Proposal is a remarkably helpful application of the reformation motto, Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda, “the Church reformed, always in need of being reformed.”

—Robert Wetzel, President
Emmanuel School of Religion, Johnson City, TN


In this volume Shelly and York follow in the footsteps of Christian thinkers like Thomas a Kempis and Erasmus as they call believers to closer unity with God and visible unity with each other through the imitation of Christ. This is not "pop" theology or devotional literature. It is, rather, a profound yet completely understandable proposal, rooted in scripture and Christian heritage, on how contemporary Christians can recognize and celebrate the unity God has already created in his church.

—Douglas A. Foster
Abilene Christian University

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